Top Ten Things That Will Make Me NOT Want to Read a Book: TTT


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish!

Get ready for an accidentally negative post! 😇

1. Celebrity Authors

I understand celebrity autobiographies, but I avoid picking up fiction written by celebrities who – let’s be honest – probably only got the opportunity to be published in the first place because they are a celebrity. It seems to be happening a lot recently with celebrities such as Zoella, Lauren Conrad, Kendall and Kylie Jenner etc. all writing fiction, mostly aimed at young adults. It seems like a kick in the teeth to the authors who have had to work incredibly hard to get published, and to the ghost writers that are likely used. I guess it’s still a good thing if it encourages people to read more, it’s just not my jam.

2. Vampires

As embarrassing as it is to admit now, I wont deny that I definitely had a twilight phase when I was a teenager. It ended when I read Eclipse and hated it, and then when I tried rereading twilight I realised exactly how much I had outgrown it. Either way, I can’t read any vampire books now without being reminded of the twilight saga so it’s an instant no from me.

3.  Books that are the next *Insert popular YA series*

AKA books hailed as the next harry potter, hunger games, divergent or the maze runner etc.

4. Ugly covers

I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I do.

5. Steampunk

Most of the steampunk books I’ve seen floating around don’t interest me at all, but even the ones that I think sound really interesting (eg. Timekeeper) just don’t appeal to me enough to make me actually want to pick them up and read them.

6. Books that are part of a long series

It’s one of the main reasons I never started the shadowhunter chronicles, it’s too much of a commitment! What if the author ends the series in a way I hate? What if I get the the 5th book and decide to give up? That’s 5 other books I could have read instead, and I wont even get the benefit of knowing how the series ends. I feel like Harry Potter and the ASOIAF series are the only one that I wish had more books in the series, I think a lot of it depends on how unique and complex the story/world is.

7. Books with familiar sounding titles

AKA titles that contain the word(s) blood, throne, crown, shadow etc... This has only started to annoy me recently, but it has put me off reading a few books that I was previously keen to read. I can’t help but jump to the conclusion that the inside of the book is going to be as unoriginal as the title.

8. Books that trivialise important issues

I don’t consider myself to be a reader who is particularly ‘triggered’ by themes, but I am sick to death of hearing about all these books that decide to take on difficult themes and then don’t handle them sensitively. It’s reckless for authors to not take these issues seriously when their readers could be dealing with similar problems themselves.

9. Books over 500 pages

If I have any 500+ page books on my tbr, chances are they have been there for a long time and I will probably never get round to them.

10. Books with a low GR rating

I kind of do this instinctively, but I don’t normally add something to my TBR unless it has at least a 3.6-3.8 rating on goodreads. I have exceptions if it’s an author I love, or i’ve seen some really good reviews for it from reviewers I trust, but otherwise I know I wont want to read them anytime soon. Kind of annoying because I’m probably missing out on a load of great books, but also good because it helps keep my tbr under control(ish).

What makes you avoid books? 🙅🏼


23 thoughts on “Top Ten Things That Will Make Me NOT Want to Read a Book: TTT

  1. I have books that are part of a long series on my list too! I like finishing a series once I start the first book and those big series are quite the commitment and I am not always ready for that! A low rating will usually turn me away from a book too!

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  2. Ugh yes, celebrities who just get a ghost writer to write a book and then splash their own name all over it, why?? I know some people don’t want to put their name out there and are probably just proud that their writing is being published and read by potentially millions, but I still feel sad for the ghost writer 😦

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  3. LOL I thought I was the only one with a GR rating need of 3.6 to consider a book. Think of all the books we’re missing. Also, celebrity authors are a no for me, unless it’s a memoir and anything over 400 (maybe 420) is a no-go, unless the book’s really good.

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  4. I never knew celebrities started making YA books. That is frustrating. It is taking away from the people that work so hard.

    Also, yeah, the similar titles are getting way too overdone. I went to B &N the other day and there were so many books with the same titles.

    I have not started the Shadowhunters series for the same reason as you. Aren’t they still making books? I read Clockwork Princess and that was about it. Also, it is way too hard to find the order of the books…

    Lastly, I adore long books. I read the unabridged Count of Monte Cristo and it was fantastic. (And 1243 words.)

    I like this blog! :*


  5. This is a great list – I totally understand your point about celebrity authors, I think that can also perpetuate the belief (that some people have) that writing YA is easy (if they can do it anyone can). Like you I instantly get concerned when I see a book marketed as ‘the next something or other’ (mainly because they do not live up to the comparison)


  6. Great list! The first two are definitely annoying, especially vampires! I remember when Twilight was massive and all you’d see were vampire books unlike the typical vampire, ugh.

    The celebrity thing is a little annoying aswell. It’s not so much the fact that celebrities have their own YA books that is annoying, I mean each to their own! It’s when they act like they wrote it when you know the ghostwriter did the majority of the work that grinds my gears a little.


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