March Wrap-Up!


Naturally, I am posting this late! I can’t believe it’s already April, this year is just flying past 😬 I had a really unpredictable reading taste in March and read things I didn’t plan on reading, and ended up not posting any reviews for them because I didn’t have enough to say. So yep, well done me for not organising again, I hopefully wont make that mistake again this month! 😂


  1. The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line by Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham – ✭✭✭½
  2. Mr. Kiss and Tell by Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham – ✭✭✭½
  3. Burial Rites by Hannah Kent – ✭✭✭½
  4. Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff – ✭✭✭✭✭
  5. Do Not Disturb by A.R. Torre – ✭✭½

I had no intention to read the Veronica Mars books, but I was nostalgic and binged the whole TV show (again) and then felt I had to read the books – but they were trashy and perfect to help me get over my post-VM-binge hangover 🙈

Burial Rites was kindly recommended to me by Fay on twitter, and I did really enjoy reading the story and would recommend it if you like historical fiction, but I found the pace just too slow for me to love it.

Gemina saved this reading month with all of its glory! I was so impressed with this sequel, the characters were great and I’m super excited for Obsidio (Although, less than excited to wait a year for it to be released)


Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! – Issues #8-16
Jessica Jones – Issues #1-6

I’m devastated that Hellcat is ending, it’s been such a fun series to read that I literally saved up those 8 issues so that I could read them all at once the next time I was stressed with uni work (Which happened to be this month lol). I also read the first 6 issues of Jessica Jones and whilst I’m not blown away by it, I’ll probably still carry on.


The Night Circus // Queens of Geek

I’m genuinely so proud that I only bought two books in March! I’ve been meaning to read the night circus for ages, and queens of geek just sounds brilliant, I’ll hopefully get to them both sometime soon!

I hope you’ve all had a great reading month! 😁

– Amylee

11 thoughts on “March Wrap-Up!

  1. Oh, I remember myself binge-watching Veronica Mars! Maybe it’s time to do that again, as I can’t seem to find a new show to watch.. tried both Friends and Brooklyn 99 but they just aren’t funny to me..

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve never watched iZombie before, but I’ve definitely heard of it and I think a friend of mine enjoys it quite a bit too!

        I literally am currently on season 2 already because I can’t figure out WHY I can’t into it and I need to figure this out. My friends who share similar tv interests with me are both disappointed in me for not liking the show as much as them. I just need comedies to actually make me LAUGH out loud and that hasn’t happened yet.


  2. Ahh, I’m so happy you loved Gemina ♥♥ I’m so sad that Obsidio isn’t being released until 2018, I was struggling enough waiting until the end of the year. Now we have to wait 4 extra months 😩 I mean, I’m sure it’ll be worth it but!!

    I love Hellcat SO MUCH!! It was such a nice escape in the Marvel universe. I’m so not happy that it’s ending, haha. I think I preferred the original Jessica Jones series than the new one, but I’m still enjoying it. I think I’m behind on it though so I need to catch up!


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    1. Haha yes, 2018 just sounds so much further away! 😭

      YES about Hellcat! I’m completely devastated, especially because Jen has hardly been in it recently, it’s an injustice 😔 An I agree, Alias was much more interesting but hopefully it will get better 😄🤞


  3. I’m listening to The Night Circus on Audible atm and it’s so magical and wonderful! I’m desperate to read Illuminae, need to get my hands on a copy – or wait until Obsidio comes out and binge the whole series… 🙂

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