Get to Know Me Tag


Thank you to Swetlana @ Reading Through The Nights for the tag! This seems like a good idea seeing as I’ve just come back to blogging!

Vital Stats

Name: Amylee
Nicknames: None really, but my sister calls me Amyloo 👌
Birthday: October 29 🎃
Star Sign: Scorpio 🦂
Occupation: Student 👩‍🎓


Hair Color: Brown and blonde
Hair Length: Medium/long-ish
Eye Color: Blue
Best Feature: PASS
Braces: I’ve never had them
Piercings: Nose, rook, helix and my ears x2 (retired tragus because it never healed)
Tattoos: None because I can’t commit to something so permanent 😶
Right or Left: Right


Real Holiday: Disneyland Paris
Award: Idek, probably swimming
Sport: Kickboxing or netball
Concert: Meatloaf 😂


TV Show(s): TOO MANY. Game of thrones, sense8, oitnb, parks and rec, rick and morty, the walking dead
Color: Burgundy
Song: Oh! You Pretty Things by David Bowie, or For No One by The Beatles 🎧
Restaurant: Zizzi do the best italian food!
Shop: Waterstones, paperchase or ASOS
Book: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Shock!😉)


Feeling: Tired and cold
Single or Taken: In a relationship
Eating: Tomato and chilli cup soup
Thinking About: What posts I should schedule next
Watching: Nothing atm
Wearing: The clothes I wore to uni, except I changed into my pyjama bottoms 👍


Want Children: Nope
Want To Be Married: I never wanted to, but perhaps one day
Careers In Mind: I’d love to be a book publicist, but anything marketing related and I’ll be happy!
Where You Want To Live: London

Do You Believe In?

God: Personally, no
Miracles: No
Love At First Sight: Nope
Ghosts: Yes
Aliens: Hmmm, probably 👽
Soul Mates: Sort of
Heaven: Nope
Hell: Nope
Kissing On The First Date: I believe you should do whatever you want!
Yourself: Most of the time, no


I’ll do the same as Swetlana and tag my newest followers, but if you’ve already done this/don’t want to, that’s okay! Also feel free to do this if you’re not tagged but want to ❤️

– Megan @ Book Slayer Reads
– Angie @ The Bookish Feels
– Lucy @ Lucy Lit Blog
– Jordan @ Her Paper Adventure

7 thoughts on “Get to Know Me Tag

  1. I would have to stay so far away from paperchase! Since I first started being interested in bullet journals my love for stationery went through the roof and it’s become a problem. I don’t know when I’ll ever really use all the pens I already own (its not really that many to begin with, but considering I’m the only one using them it’s a lot) and then while grocery shopping last week I stopped by this Dollar Tree type of store here in Germany and ended up buying THIRTY-SIX more pens – they were just so pleasing to the eye I had to have them. XD

    I really need sense8 season 2 already! I can’t believe we have to wait another couple of months before we get all new episodes! 😦


    1. haha, yes!! Stationery is the next best thing after books ❤︎ That’s so cool that you do bullet journals, I always see them on instagram but I’ve never tried it, I guess it’s a good excuse to use the 36 pens? 😜

      Ugh yes I can’t wait much longer for sense8! Have you seen the christmas special yet? 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I wish I could use those pens in my bullet journal, but they bleed through like CRAZY and the pages in my journal are so thin, I’d probably ruin at least 2-3 more pages… so I’ll have to stick to my Stabilo ones and a different set of markers that seem to not bleed through the pages as much.

        Weirdly enough though, I don’t really use my bullet journal to plan things, or not mainly. I’ve recently just been writing down blog ideas and right now I’m writing down my notes while reading A Darker Shade Of Magic. I figured if I only used it to plan things, I would never really get the use out of it I want, so I mixed things up.

        YES! I think I watched it on Christmas Day? And I loved it! especially all the scenes with all the sensates together!

        Liked by 1 person

          1. You absolutely should! I bet it’s going to be fun to read over those later on too, especially as I read the other books in the trilogy and more things are uncovered and stuff. Because I like to put down little predictions and stuff in my bullet journal too and spare my books all that writing into.


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