Review: Never Never (#1, #2, and #3)



Title: Never Never
Author: Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher
Part 1: ✭✭✭✭½
Part 2: ✭✭✭
Part 3: ✭✭
Overall: ✭✭✭

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Best friends since they could walk. In love since the age of fourteen.

Complete strangers since this morning.

He’ll do anything to remember. She’ll do anything to forget.

NOTE: This review will contain spoilers.

Never Never (#1)

“How odd to be made of flesh, balanced on bone, and filled with a soul you’ve never met.”

First things first…I am so glad I waited until all of the books were published before starting this!

Charlie and Silas have both lost every memory they have except the unimportant things like who the kardashians are, the book sees them set out and try and discover who they are and what the hell has happened to them. You’d think it would be hard to relate to ’empty’ characters as they have no memories about what sort of people they are or any supporting characters, but I found it actually made it more interesting – they were just as confused as I was.

The shocking end was my favourite part about this book (Although I don’t know how I would have coped if I didn’t have the second book waiting!) – The fast paced countdown until the 48 hours were up again left me reeling with questions and whilst I understand other people’s frustrations, I thought it was such a great way to end a book when you know a sequel is coming. If they’d have combined this with the sequel then some of the mystery and suspense would have been lost.

Overall, I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed never never considering it’s so short and how it’s left me with more questions than answers. It’s definitely worth a read!


Never Never (#2)

Whilst I did really enjoy this instalment, it didn’t feel like there was enough substance for me to class it as an actual book – even a novella. Whilst I completely understand the decision to split the story into 3, the first part outshines this one by a mile!

However, I still found this a compelling read and I did really enjoy the new dynamic of each of them being on their own and dealing with losing their memory all over again without each other. I was so smug when this started and thought I had sussed out where Charlie was, but I was so wrong!

The last instalment will make or break this series I think!


Never Never (#3)

I would like to wake up in 48 hours and forget this last book ever happened.

What a cop-out! Hoover and Fisher built up some interesting paranormal themes over the last two books so I’m really confused as to why they opted for the most boring and anti-climatic one possible?

The little action there was felt rushed, and Charlie’s POV chapters felt unnatural and out of character compared to the other books.

I’m disappointed but the whole series is very short and I enjoyed the first two so I’m keeping my rating at 2 stars.



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